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welll im tired now. thanks to that one anon who was bothered to ask me stuff<3<3 im gonna watch archer now until i fall asleep bye

That sounds cool! are you good at maths?
asked by Anonymous

ehhhh…. let’s say i could be good at maths if i practiced a lot! pure maths i don’t have a much problems with, but when i have to apply it, in eg chem or in a lab, im stuck. i just need to spend a lot of time at the library i suppose

Do u want to become an architect
asked by Anonymous

i wanted to initially and i did get offers that i would have reached from university of kent and from cardiff but they cost a lot of money so im now gonna study some obscure branch of engineering in finland (but im gonna try to change my major to structural engineering because honestly….. if  i then study fine arts after that i’ll be the perfect architect)

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where is the rest of aragorn’s body

i think hes a mermaid in this picture

hey friends ask me questionas im sort of tipsy and kind of bored 


Essentially I just want to keep getting better and better at my job, and I’ll do that by continuing to work with a wider group of people and on different projects and varying the things I do as much as I can. Success to me is if I can work for the rest of my life. That would be a good, successful life.


animation designs from back in the calarts’dayz

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