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I really don’t have words anymore for this man just please stop him 

i hate it when it starts to get dark at like. 5pm already bc i get so tired and take hella long naps and then i cant sleep in the evening why doesn’t the world love me


♛ legendarium characters

Glorfindel (Y.T. - F.A. 510; then re-embodied)

Upon the humiliation of Eärnur before the Witch-king, Glorfindel bade him not pursue, and prophesied that the wraith would not fall by the hand of man. During the War of the Ring, he was one of the elves dispatched from Rivendell by Elrond to search for the Ring-bearer. Elrond had chosen him partially because Glorfindel did not fear the Ringwraiths, as he had great presence in both the Seen and Unseen worlds. Glorfindel indeed found the Ringbearer, Frodo Baggins, and his friend Aragorn with him. Glorfindel put Frodo on his horse, Asfaloth, and upon the approach of the Ringwraiths ordered him to go on. The white horse bore Frodo to safety across the Ford of Bruinen, but Frodo, in a rash act of attempted heroism, turned around at the other side and defied the Nine. Glorfindel, expecting the flood that protected Rivendell to come down and smite the riders, revealed his power to the Riders, and drove them into the River, where they were swept away by the ensuing waters. After this adventure, he helped bear Frodo to Rivendell, where the wounded Ringbearer was tended to.

Glorfindel attended the Council of Elrond, playing an active role in the conversation as he stood beside Elrond and Gandalf as the backbone of the Council. He was briefly considered as a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, but as his friend Gandalf said, Glorfindel’s power would be of little use against the might of Mordor, on a mission of secrecy. During the War of the Ring nothing is said of Glorfindel. Whatever his role, he survived and joined Elrond’s company to the Wedding of Elessar. After that no more is said of him. His task in Middle-earth was done, and the age of the Elves was over. He probably passed West, perhaps with the bearers of the Three Rings and the One Ring. Or he may have remained for a time in Middle-earth to oversee the cleanup after the war.


BTS - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (EE)

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